Vote “Yes” to renew the public transportation millage

to maintain and improve upon the success of the SMART program. Help our most vulnerable residents in Macomb County get to where they need to go!

Helping our neighbors

Voting “Yes” to renew the Macomb County Public Transportation millage helps vulnerable members of our community get to and from work, school, doctors’ appointments and the grocery store. Thousands of seniors, veterans and people with disabilities in Macomb County rely on the SMART (Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation) bus because they can no longer drive or afford a car.

Boosting our Economy

Public transportation helps connect doctors with patients, employers with employees and businesses with customers. Research shows public transportation is a vital component of thriving communities with every $1 invested in public transportation creating $4 in economic output by attracting new businesses and expanding the talent pool for local employers.

Affordable, Accountable and Transparent

Renewing the millage will cost the average Macomb County homeowner just $6 per month to keep public transportation available for seniors, veterans, low-income residents and people with disabilities. Every dollar spent is tracked publicly online to ensure taxpayer dollars are spent wisely and transparently, and 100% of funds generated by the renewal stay in Macomb County.